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Affordable Housing

Making Affordable Housing Attainable for All

The vision of the United NEPA Alliance is to develop a community first program that fully honors the needs of its population.


  • Building strong communities through advocacy, community programs, and education. 

  • Working and Partnering with community leaders to build bridges ensuring the needs of our residents are at the forefront of our agenda. 

  • Focused on establishing a fair and equitable society for all residents of Northeastern PA. 

We believe when we come together as a community, we build strong lasting relationships that help provide our communities with opportunities that elevate them out of poverty. 


Creating ADA Accessible Housing

Home Cook

Transitional Housing Program

Residents Formerly Homeless, Leaving Prison, Returning from Drug and Alcohol Programming

Friendly Wrestling

Revitalized or New Build Missing Middle Housing helps to Make Dreams into a Reality Houses


Family Time
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