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UNA provides programs and services for under served communities within Northeastern Pennsylvania. We strive to decrease the socioeconomic barriers many residents face due to financial hardships. Our initiatives focus on ending poverty and homelessness. 

Attainable affordable housing is a human right. At UNA we have established a sound program focused on securing attainable and affordable through community revitalization projects and new housing developments that provide “middle missing housing units” for vulnerable populations. 

The vision of the UNA is to develop a community that fully honors the needs of its population.


UNA   envisions  building strong communities through advocacy, community programs, and education. 


UNA   works with community leaders to build bridges to ensure the needs of our residents are at the forefront of our agenda. 


UNA  remains focused on establishing a fair and equitable society for all residents of Northeastern PA. 


We believe when we come together as a community, we build strong lasting relationships that help provide our communities with opportunities that elevate them out of poverty. 

Meet Our Board of Directors and Team

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Denise Acosta (Housing Committee) and Maryann Velez enjoying the day out at the Juneteenth Event 


Our CEO/President/Cofounder Maryann Velez, helping out at the Juneteenth Event 

Our Board of Trustees Chair David Newman enjoying a day out at the Railriders Game 

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